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How to Have Fun Inside on a Snow Day (Teen Girls)

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When winter gives you the gift of a snow day, don’t waste it by lying around the house and scrolling through the same old social media feeds. Snow days are perfect opportunities to break free from humdrum routines, so plan something special. Whether you plan a spa day, create a unique social media challenge for your friends, or check out some old films, make it a day to remember!


Staying Active Indoors

  1. Throw an impromptu dance party.Dance parties are a great way to work up a sweat while having a blast. Move as much furniture as possible to create a dance floor. Find or make a dance party playlist. Then start dancing.
    • Sites like Pandora and Spotify are good places to look for dance music.
    • If you have colored lights or other decorations around the house, you can decorate your dance floor, but it’s not essential. The most important thing is to get moving!
  2. Compete against family and friends with an indoor relay race.You might not have enough people or space for your typical relay race, but you can create a modified one for the indoors. Make a list of absurd tasks—like washing a dish coated in syrup, changing a light bulb, and running to the basement to flip a couch cushion over 10 times. Then pick 2 people to race to complete the tasks.
    • If there are a lot of people in your house, you can race two people at a time and let winners compete against each other until you have a single victor!
    • The winner of each round can create the next list of tasks.
  3. Create an indoor exercise plan.Search online for free exercise videos or get ideas for exercises from apps like Fitness Class or 7 Minute Workout Challenge. Select a single workout. Or create your own at-home bootcamp by setting up stations around your house for different exercises, so you can run from station to station to get a complete workout.
    • Even though you're indoors remember to warm up by walking stairs, jogging in place, or doing jumping jacks.
    • Consider trying sit backs, chair squats, or push ups. Don’t overdo it and never try something you don’t understand without a coach or parent’s supervision.

Trying Something New

  1. Teach yourself a new skill.Write down some skills you’d like to develop—like painting, dancing, cooking, or coding. Choose one and use your snow day to start teaching yourself.
    • If you’re interested in painting, challenge yourself to complete a painting by the end of the day! If you don’t have supplies or don’t know how to start, research how to paint and make a list of everything you’ll need.
    • If you want to learn how to code, there are numerous free resources online like Codeacademy, Khan Academy, and WikiHow that can teach you how to code.If you’re a beginner, consider starting with HTML.
    • Learn to cook by starting with simple recipes like a delicious soup or cookies. Or if you're already a seasoned cook, consider preparing an elaborate, multi-course meal for your friends or family.
  2. Transform a room with a chic and stylish blanket fort.Blanket forts are not just for kids. Create a blanket fort using furniture, blankets, and sheets. Then turn your fort into the perfect snow day hangout with decorations like string lights, cute pillows, and plants. Bring a laptop or even a television into your fort and load up your favorite snacks onto a tray, so you can bring them inside too.
    • Drape your cutest sheets and blankets on last, so it looks great from the outside.
    • Make sure you don’t light candles or burry lightbulbs under blankets, as this could cause a fire.
  3. Curl up with a new book.Challenge yourself to learn more about a new topic. If there's something you've been wondering about or if your teacher recently said something that you want to know more about—like that scientists recently found ice on the moon—search for a book on that topic.
    • You might not have anything lying around the house, but you can purchase an ebook online or visit your public library site to check one out for free. Some public libraries also have a chat option, so you can talk with a librarian to help you find a book.
  4. Create a snow day music playlist.Fill your home with relaxing, chill music. It can be fun to challenge yourself to fill a playlist with entirely new music. If it’s the holiday season, consider holiday tunes. Or pick songs form whatever genre reminds you of winter.
  5. Watch new films and documentaries.With so much time to spare, branch out and check out some new films. Oscar-winning documentaries and films are a great way to begin expanding your film awareness. Consider movies made in the past and see if you enjoy them!

Connecting with Friends Remotely

  1. Challenge friends to a snow-inspired photo contest.Instead of randomly posting selfies in your PJ’s, invite your friends to send pictures inspired by the snow. Ask everyone to send their photos to the group, and then vote on a winner.
    • For inspiration, shoot photos of the snow from your windows, or open a window and hold a black piece construction paper outside until snowflakes land on it. Bring it inside, zoom in with your camera, and capture the snowflakes' natural beauty!
    • Bring the snow indoors for creative photo ops. Transport snow with a large shovel or bucket into a bathtub or sink. Make a miniature, indoor snowman or “paint the snow” by mixing 3-7 drops of food coloring into a spray bottle of water and coloring the snow with the "paint" for a picture.
  2. Organize a digital fashion competition.Find a cute outfit online or in a magazine and send the picture to your friends. Tell them they have 20 minutes to raid their closets in search of a look inspired by your photo. When the time is up, have everyone take a selfie wearing the outfit they chose, and vote for a winner!
  3. Start a kindness challenge.Send a message to a group of friends (or post publicly on their feeds), challenging them to send 5 compliments in 5 minutes. Then race to find 5 people to compliment yourself!
    • Consider complimenting someone at school who is going through a hard time personally or might be feeling left out at the moment.
  4. Call or FaceTime with a friend you haven't seen in awhile.Snow days are great chances to catch up with friends you don't get to see enough. Make sure your friend also has a snow day, and then surprise them with a call or text first to schedule one.
    • Consider starting a movie or show at the same time, so you can watch it together.

Relaxing with a Spa Day

  1. Apply a face mask.If you’ve already purchased a face mask, then apply it as part of your spa day treatment. However, if you don’t have one, you can make your own mask.
    • To make a yogurt mask, mix 1 tbsp (15 mL) of finely ground oatmeal with 1 tbsp (15 mL) plain yogurt and a few drops of warm honey. Apply the mask to your face for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.
  2. Give yourself a facial.Cleanse your face by washing it with warm water and soap. Rub it with an exfoliate in gentle circular motions before rinsing. Then treat your face with steam by turning the sink on as hot as it gets and holding your face above the steam. When you’re done, apply lotion generously to keep skin soft and rejuvenate it from the harsh winter wind.
    • If you don’t have an exfoliant, make your own by mixing 1 cup (240 mL) brown sugar, 1 cup (240 mL) raw oatmeal, and 1 cup (240 mL) olive oil.Or you can just use a rough washcloth.
    • To increase the intensity of the steam treatment, place a full-sized towel over your head in order to create a tent over the sink to trap in steam.
  3. Enjoy a manicure.Wash your hands before cutting and filing your nails. Soak your nails and cuticles in bowl of warm water for 10 seconds.Apply nail polish and allow to dry. Then apply a clear top coat and let them dry again.
    • When painting nails, make strokes that go upwards from the base of the fingernail to the fingernail's end. Use three strokes. Begin with a center stroke in the middle of the fingernail, then add stroke of polish to either side.
    • Make sure to have nail polish remover and cotton swabs nearby in case mistakes need correcting.
  4. Give yourself a massage.If you are spending your spa-day in a group, then you can take turns giving each other massages. But even if the snow has you isolated at home, it’s easy to give yourself a massage.
    • Enjoy a scalp massage by placing both hands on your head, separating your fingers, and rubbing with all ten fingers in whatever motion feels best.
    • Relax sore back muscles by placing a tennis ball inside a clean sock and then laying down on top of the tennis ball--with the ball directly on the muscle you want to relax. Lie on the ball for 30 seconds while taking deep breaths.

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  • Make a schedule and write down all the things you hope to do, so you make the most of the day!
  • Consider using the snow day as a chance to spend quality time with your family. You see your friends all the time. This is a chance to be with family without missing social activities.
  • If you’re done having fun and want to feel productive, get caught up on homework or clean out a closet.

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