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How to Search wikiHow

Six Methods:

Are you looking for something specific on wikiHow? Finding an article or a page on wikiHow is very easy to do, and you can learn how by reading this article.


Using the wikiHow Search Bar

  1. Open the wikiHow search bar.This opens when you click above the white line (between wikiHow and the magnifying glass) in the green bar overhead.
  2. Type your query using keywords.Use the main words which you think will be likely to give results containing answers to your question.
  3. Hit theEnterbutton of your keyboard to view a list of titles.Alternatively, you can click on the magnifying glass once you have typed your query.

Searching For a wikiHow Category

Reading Related wikiHows

Exploring Links Woven into Articles

  1. Click on any text.It will give more detailed information.

Using a Search Engine

  1. Navigate to your favorite or default search engine.
  2. Type "www.wikihow.com" (excluding quotes) into the search bar.
  3. Space once after "www.wikihow.com".Type in your desired search terms.
  4. PressEnter.

Using wikiHow's Advanced Search Tool

  1. Go to www.wikihow.com/Special:Search.Note:This tool is only available to registered users and searches all pages, hidden or not hidden.
  2. Type in a search query.
  3. Filter your search.
  4. Click on the red link, if an article does not exist.If it does exist, you will see it as the top search result. If an article exists under a different name, you may want to . Simply type in#REDIRECT Target page.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How do I ask a question in the Community Q&A?
    Community Answer
    You scroll down, and when you get to the Community Q&A box, type your question and submit it. We'll do our best to answer.
  • Question
    Am I able to print out something that I searched?
    Community Answer
  • Question
    Can I edit a title of an article?
    Community Answer
    Yes! However, you have to be a New Article Booster to do so. If you want to suggest a new title, use the template {{title|NAME OF NEW TITLE}}.
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  • Use the Search Bar more effectively:
    • Place a plus sign (+) prior to each word to view each "word separately” within your search results, such as +writer+grammar+punctuation.
    • Place a minus sign (-) prior to each word to “omit a word,” such asrecipe-meatfor a vegetarian meal.
    • Use quotation marks, to view "consecutive words of a phrase," such as "flower arrangement."
  • If uncertain of spelling, choose a similar word. Example: Use obituary in place of eulogy.
  • Keyword implies the mostspecific or relevantword that describes your topic.
  • To access greater information, add a prefix or suffix to a word. Example: Use writer in place of write.
  • If uncertain of a category, choose one with a similar item. Example: Soup and dining would be found in the food category.
  • Utilize the terms wikiHow or User for policies or guidelines specific to this site.
  • Use Special:Search to perform advanced searches, such as filtering by namespace.

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How to Search wikiHow
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